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“The Lambert Firm has a unique sort of niche. Our technical background gives us a bit of an edge in terms of interpreting between experts in very technical areas and the law and then ultimately the jury. We have clients nationwide and they have picked us because of our skill and experience at what we do.

Clients want The Lambert Firm to represent them because we understand where they’re coming from. Most of the time, those clients in the kinds of cases that we handle are interested in talking to someone who understands their technical issues. Most of our staff are highly trained in scientific analysis, discovery and just generally understanding types of issues that other law firms aren’t able to handle.

My favorite thing about practicing is that with each and every case I learn something new. And I think everybody at The Lambert Firm feels this way, including our paralegals and staff, is the learning experience we have. We don’t do the same thing over and over again.
What makes The Lambert Firm different from other law firms is that we have a lot of experience taking cases from start to finish. We’re not afraid to take a case to trial. Whereas other firms will get a case that they feel is to hard or to complex for them and they’ll give it to another firm. And a lot of the time that firm is us.

Selecting an attorney is a major decision. An attorney is going to represent you and act on your behalf. So it’s imperative that you feel comfortable with who you select.

The thing I like most about practicing law is winning for a client. You know, when you hand a check to someone, you know that you’ve repaired their life. You’ve put them back in a position that they were before someone or something happened to them out of their control that derailed their life. That’s a good feeling and I like it.”

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